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For being the pioneer in developing diy tools for the online marketer.


WebEngage is a toolkit which helps online marketers improve their website’s conversion rates using an interesting combination of click-stream data based targeting and on-site messaging. For example, its “leave intent” targeting allows clients to lure a user who is about to abandon the cart without transacting.

Funded by Blume Ventures, GTI Capital and Rajan Anandan, the company has grown 300 per cent in all key metrics in 2014. In three years, it aims to touch revenues of close to US $50 million and build a team of 200+ employees across five countries. In a decade, it aims to have built the most loved analytics and customer engagement toolkit for mobile and web businesses.

Among the first few DIY toolkits in the market which offers an end-to-end conversion tracking, i.e. the ability to quantify (in dollar terms) what happened after a WebEngage window was displayed on the site. 

It claims that the single biggest reason why marketers adopt its tool is because its entire solution works without having to change any code on the customer’s website, after the one time JavaScript integration. So, the marketer does not need a developer’s support. 

It helps improve a client’s store conversion rate with innovative use of pop-ups. How? It converts all metrics on Google Analytics into actionable insights. For example, if (Google) statistics reflect that 1,000 users abandoned your cart in New York (NY) the last two days, you can set up a pop-up with the same criteria (NY + cart page + about to abandon) and engage with the user just before (s)he abandons.

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