Why Fortune 500 Companies Are Relying On Tiger Analytics

Why Fortune 500 Companies Are Relying On Tiger Analytics' AI & Machine Learning Systems

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In Startup50 2017: Tiger Analytics is a data analytics firm that specializes in next-generation advanced analytics using AI and machine learning. 

Founders: Mahesh Kumar, Pradeep Gulipalli 

Differentiation & Innovation in Implementation

Founded in 2011 by Mahesh Kumar and Pradeep Gulipalli, it employs 200 people and is a trusted partner for several Fortune 500 companies, who are leaders in their respective industries. Tiger Analytics brings deep expertise in marketing science, customer analytics, operations and planning analytics, and risk analytics.

The company focuses on Advanced Analytics – 70 per cent of work done by Tiger is on second-gen analytics i.e, Data Science and Advanced Analytics (using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), and not just first-gen analytics such as reporting and business intelligence. It has executed close to 300 projects in the advanced analytics space alone, with significant focus on quality, resulting in its being ranked by Deloitte India as the 10th fastest growing technology firm in 2016 and the only pure-play analytics company in the top 10.

The company’s solutions focuses on four business functions – Marketing Science, Customer Analytics, Planning and Operations and Risk Analytics, helping them at four levels: strategic, tactical and operational. It has clients in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Differentiated Hiring – Tiger Analytics follows a rigorous case-study based hiring approach. It places significant emphasis on culture and work-life balance. This has resulted in less than 10 per cent of attrition, far lower than the industry average. They got Glassdoor ratings of 4.8/5 with CEO Approval of 100 per cent (as of 30th August, 2017).

Value Accelerators – Using its experience in executing 300+ analytics projects in diverse areas/industries, the company has developed value accelerators that can reduce the execution time of analytics projects from 6 months to 6 weeks.

The accelerators are classified as:
Solutions Customer Science Suite, Marketing Science Suite
Process Accelerators – Data Discovery Engine, Data Enrichment Catalog, Text
Analytics Toolkit, Modeling Blueprints, Report Automation Accelerator
Frameworks – Preventive Maintenance, Early Warning Systems, Pricing Optimization, Test & Learn, Sales Analytics, Resource Optimization, Business Value Articulation 

Quick Facts

200 – Employees

300 – Projects executed in advanced analytics space

10th – Ranked as the 10th fastest growing technology firm in 2016 by Deloitte India

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