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Articles by Madhumita Prabhakar

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How Tally Solutions’ is Riding the Technology Wave

Jun 01, 2022

When it comes to accounting software, Tally Solutions is a household name. The company has adopted seamlessly with the technological changes around it, and continues to remain a market leader in India’s accounting software space. In this interview with

IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100 Tally Solutions Tejas Goenka

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How Fractal Analytics is helping its customers use data from a human-centric perspective

May 13, 2022

Fractal Analytics’ COO Ajoy Singh tells us that Fractal’s approach to digital transformation is human-centric and decision-driven

Fractal Analytics IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100

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How The Smart Cube is helping businesses use data more effectively

Apr 22, 2022

Global research and analytics company, The Smart Cube, is helping companies adopt analytics end-to-end to make more intelligent business decisions The Smart Cube is a global research and analytics company…  

IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100 The Smart Cube Gautam Singh

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Cyient is making steady progress in the global digital transformation space with its IoT, 5G and digital service capabilities

Apr 22, 2022

Hyderabad-based Cyient provides engineering and digital transformation solutions to global companies across 14 countries. With an army of 12K employees on board, the company has been recognized as a futuristic technology…  

IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100 Krishna Bodanapu

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Indium has built a niche in offering data analytics and data engineering services to companies worldwide

Apr 06, 2022

Smart CEO in conversation with Ram Sukumar, co-founder and CEO of Indium Software

IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100 Ram Sukumar Indium Software

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Coditas Sets the Example for Building a Clean & Profitable UI & Digital Engineering Business

Apr 06, 2022

In this interview with Smart CEO, the Coditas CEO and co-founder, Mitul Bid talks to us about his top priorities for the company today, emerging technologies the company plans to capitalize on, and the future outlook for Coditas

IDA Ireland ITeS100 ITeS 100 Mitul Bid Coditas

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Happiest Minds 10-Year Plan is Focussed on Three Key Aspects; Creating, Delivering and Sustaining Value

Apr 06, 2022

The Smart CEO in conversation with Rajiv Shah, President and CEO of Digital Business Services at Happiest Minds Technologies

IDA Ireland ITeS 100 happiest minds rajiv shah

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INT envisions becoming a digital transformation leader in India’s BFSI sector

Mar 11, 2022

In conversation with Abhishek Rungta of Indus Net Technologies

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Bootstrapped & Growing: The Aarav Solutions Journey in the Global IT Consulting Sector

Feb 28, 2022

10 years since its founding, Aarav Solutions continues to be a bootstrapped IT products and services firm, with a global presence in India, the US, the UK, Canada, and other geographies. In this interview, its CEO Raj Darji takes us

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“Data analytics is at an inflection point. We have barely scratched the surface in realizing its potential.”

Feb 21, 2022

In conversation with Rajan Sethuraman, CEO of LatentView Analytics