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For creating a patented security software which ensures data is decipherable only within the network and only to authorized users; helps prevent data theft and fraud.


Founders: Sanjay Deshpande, Prakash Salvi, Nanjundeashwar Ganapathy and Nilesh Dhande

With a vision to make connecting safe, Uniken’s flagship solution, REL-ID, enables organizations to create scalable, on-demand, private digital network for its customers, partners and employees. The founders claim that their patented relative identity & mutual authentication based technology is endorsed by renowned cyber security experts such as EY Hacktics team, world-class military organizations, and even Dr. Whitfield Diffie (Father of Public Key Cryptography).

Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and Exfinity Venture Partners, REL-ID today has two million users and has recorded 26 implementations till date. Keeping it simple yet powerful, the founders’ long term vision is to combine digital and cutting edge technology to spread a global awareness about online frauds.

REL-ID, which is currently available as an app, will be made available as a Mobile API SDK as well, so developers can build on top of it  

On the technology front, implementation of REL-ID, the digital trust platform, makes the security architecture simpler for enterprises, thus reducing security cost per digital connection.

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