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In Startup50 2017: Redcliffe Hygiene, the company behind PeeSafe, a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray which makes it 99.9% germs free, made it to the list for selling over 5 lakh bottles of PeeSafe, for finding customers in India, Canada and Doha, and for identifying a major gap in the market.

Founder:  Vikas Bagria

PeeSafe was launched to tackle the issues of 200 million women suffering from UTI majority of whom are affected due to unhygienic toilets.  The idea for PeeSafe was conceived when Bagria’s wife suffered from a UTI in 2013 during a road trip.  Personal hygiene issues across the world have created a global market for UTI treatment drugs, which is expected to be worth US $9.89 billion by 2023. Understanding the common problem faced day to day by a majority of the Indian population, the founder came up with the idea of a sanitization spray to combat the issue. Thus, PeeSafe was launched in 2013.

The company raised funds to the tune of US$ 1 million in June 2017 from Govindrajan ParthaSarthy, ex-Unliver, CEO Free Charge; Amit Choudhry – MD MotilalOswal, Dheeraj Jain; Alfa Capital, Unicorn Ventures and Venture Catalyst.

Creating a safe environment

PeeSafe, a disruptive phenomenon in the female hygiene category, is a clinically approved toilet seat sanitizer spray in the form of a quick-drying aerosol that kills 99.99% germs on the toilet seats. It dries within 5 seconds and makes washroom experience safe, smooth and hassle-free. 

However, the biggest challenge the company faced was distribution which it has overcome by partnering with P&G distributors. P&G distribution network helped it reach over 5000 stores in less than a month. This apart, collaborating with the right agencies to finding the right people to get onboard, was a challenge for the company. It got over this through aggressive marketing over various platforms, creating a niche for its products, showing consistent results.

Go-to Market

Its go-to market strategy is through P&G’s distribution network, strong SEO, and social media. For example, Instagram has over 1600+ users generating posts on PeeSafe. The company also approaches doctors and finds many gynaecologists recommending its product. It has also partnered with restaurants, hotels, co-working spaces, institutions etc. by certifying that their washrooms are #SanitizedByPeeSafe.

Scaling up plans

The company aims to become a Rs. 1000 crore brand and is putting strategies in place for the same. It has signed a 5 years contract with a company based out of DOHA for US$20 million for the supply of PeeSafe to GCC  countries and has recently launched a 300ml bottle and aims to reach every household in the country and the world.

Quick Facts

5,00,000 – Number of units sold    

5000 – Stores present

10 – Number of countries PeeSafe is shipped to

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