NinjaKart (63Ideas Infolabs Pvt Ltd.)

NinjaKart (63Ideas Infolabs Pvt Ltd.)

Startup50 Agriculture & Agri Tech

In Startup50 2017: Ninjacart , founded in 2015, is one of India’s leading agri-marketing platform connecting vegetables and fruits farmers directly with businesses. At one end, Ninjacart helps farmers get better prices, consistent demand and immediate payment and on the other end it helps grocery stores, restaurants and modern retailers source fresh fruits and vegetables at competitive prices. With robust volume and revenue growth, the company touched revenues of about Rs.30 crore in March 17. The company raised US $8.5 million from Nandan Nilekani, Accel Partners and Mistletoe Japan, and has an employee base of 250.

Founder: Thirukumaran Nagarajan

Differentiation & Innovation in Implementation

The company enables lower cost and larger scale using smart supply chain facilitated by strong technology, data science, world class warehouses and integrated logistics network. 

It has provided farmer’s with the visibility of a weekly demand, thus enabling them to plan their resources and harvest better, thereby reducing production cost and wastage. This has helped farmer’s increase their income by around 15 per cent.

It has a have a highly technology enabled supply chain, wherein the goods reach from farmer’s point to customers in less than 14 hours with minimum touch-points, to ensure food quality and freshness.

It has reduced the last mile logistics cost by 70 per cent and vehicle requirement to 1/3rd by rewiring the entire supply chain and operations which has led to lower prices for customers and faster growth.

Quick Facts

US $8.5 million – Raised US $8.5 million from Nandan Nilekani, Accel Partners and Mistletoe Japan

80+ metric tonnes – Volume in the last 12 months

600 + – Services customers 600+ on a daily basis

250 : Employees  

Social Impact

  • The food wastage in the entire supply chain has been reduced from 30 per cent to around 4 per cent. Thus, the same fruits and vegetables can now serve more customers
  • The farmer’s life has been improved by providing them with fair and transparent pricing, logistics support and reducing the information asymmetry across the supply chain, leading to better income for farmers
  • Retailers / supermarkets get fresh and quality fruits and vegetables by ordering online and receiving them at the time of their convenience at the doorstep – enabling shop owners to have more face-time with customers

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