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In Startup50 2016: Happiest Minds was chosen in 2015 for reaching an annual run rate of US $50 million within three years of founding, and for serving over 100 global customers in disruptive technology-related services, in such a short duration. This year, we picked Happiest Minds, for being on track to become one of the fastest Indian companies to touch US $100 million in revenue run rate, with profitability. The company’s research on Happiness @ Work is something that can potentially be path breaking over the long term. 

Founders: Ashok Soota & Team

Bengaluru-based Happiest Minds Technologies (Happiest Minds) is the first company in India to set out a clear framework to implement happiness at its workplace. Ashok Soota and his team have ensured that this mandate of making their people happy is woven into the business processes of the company and does not remain just a concept.  In fact, the company has recently adopted “The Mindful IT Company” as a tagline in its logo, which will be a logical extension of their happiness brand positioning. By doing this, the focus is on ‘Being Mindful’ and ‘Doing Mindful’ which involves perceiving immersively, processing non-judgmentally and performing empathetically.

Operational parameters

The company enables digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies: big data analytics, Internet of things, mobility, cloud, security, unified communications and more. It offers domain centric solutions, IPs in IT services, product engineering, infrastructure management and security. These services are applicable across industry sectors such as retail, e-commerce, banking, engineering, insurance, hi-tech, engineering and so on.

The company also has operations in the U.S., U.K., The Netherlands, Australia, Middle East and Turkey. And, it has recently forged a partnership with Fluent Retail, a leading Australian technology solutions firm, offering ‘Smart Fulfilment’ solutions for retailers. It also announced an extension of its partnership with Microsoft in Australia.  It has announced the global launch of DiTaaS, (Digital Infrastructure Transformation as-a-service) a platform which enables enterprises transform from traditional to an advanced digital infrastructure.

US $62 million

(Current Annualised Run Rate)

(Specialized Workforce at Happiest Minds)

Did You Know?

Happiest Minds is exploring newer avenues of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, and Wearables.

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