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For building an online furniture renting business where frequently moving customers can purchase at 60% cheaper than EMIs


Furlenco’s differentiation lies in it being among the first online furniture rental companies in India, with a focus on quick, easy and affordable furnishing. The company rents out premium furniture with matching furnishings and decor on a monthly subscription fee, and also offers free doorstep delivery within 72 hours of the order being placed.

Funded by Lightbox Ventures, the 75-member team is charged with a vision to create a fast, convenient and affordable solution to furnish homes for an audience that’s constantly on the move. In three years, it aims to be present in all Tier-1 cities in India and in a decade it wants to become a pioneer in the concept of shared economy, where anything and everything, be it furniture or home appliances, can be shared on the platform.

Rental Model: Which in itself is an innovation wherein a customer will be paying around 60 per cent cheaper than EMIs

Flat Pack: Every item is flat packed to ensure better warehouse management as well as easy transport.

Transitional: Furniture is designed in-house and the style used for the pieces are transitional between European and Tropical Indian, with clean lines to easily fit into urban Indian homes.

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