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Culture Machine

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For building a youtube focused media firm, where technology meets creativity


Put together cutting edge technology and some great content and voila! You have a great business rolling. That in essence is what Culture Machine does in India. It combines an intelligent big data platform which understands viewer preferences, a cutting edge video machine technology (which converts audio into video in 15 seconds), and a creator platform which helps creators track revenues and viewership in a single window, to make even viral content a planned endeavour. In fact, its video machine has caught the attention of Chris La Rosa, Youtube’s former head of music products, who joined the company’s advisory board.

Backed by Tiger Global, Zodius Capital and Times Internet, the company serves 150 brands and over 350 creative professionals have created videos for Culture Machine’s 30+ YouTube channels.

Intelligence Machine, its big data platform allows the team to understand what consumers are watching across multiple video platforms and accordingly make programming decisions. 

Video Machine software

It converts audio into video; what would take a human seven days to do, we are able to create in 15 seconds.

Creators Platform

Creators (who partner with CM) have a single window through which they can track all their revenues, viewership reports and syndication outlets where their content is being distributed.

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