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Startup50 Agriculture & Agri Tech

In Startup50 2017: Incorporated in 2015, BigHaat is an Agricultural Inputs digital platform for farmers to procure wide choice of branded and quality inputs that ranges from seeds to agri implements. It is a disruptive supply chain technology platform not just for farmers but to all stakeholders in the agri inputs supply chain. This Ankur Capital-backed company serves 50,000+ farmers on its platform and for impacting 1 lakh+ ha acres with the right supply chain technology.

Founders:SateeshNukala, SachinNandwana and Raj Kancham


Differentiation & Innovation in Implementation

Farmers can access a wide choice of branded and quality inputs in the BigHaat platform, through BigHaat extension team on fields, missed call, web, mobile, call center and WhatsApp. Door delivery of agri-inputs reduces the effort of visiting a retailer and saves money and time while improving productivity. BigHaat’s main customers other than farmers include nurseries, poly-houses, and contract farming communities.

Advisory and knowledge base both through digital platform and through call center ensures dissemination of right information to farmers for their empowerment. Several innovative products are being invented by many start-ups and other established companies, but awareness and accessibility is low and slower in the traditional distribution system. The digital platform improves access and helps farmers procure these products with the touch of a button, from wherever they are. The company has raised Rs 2.7 crore from Ankur Capital in 2016 and currently employs 25 people. 

The company will also partner with various other service providers such as logistics, storage and buy-back platform to help farmers access quality integrated services under one platform. The platform not only connects buyers and suppliers for pre-sale and post-sale support services but also aims to provide seamless end to end user experience.

Quick Facts

  • Raised Rs 2.7 crore from Ankur Capital in 2016
  • Employees 25
  • Farmers on the platform – 50000+
  • Growth on run rate, revenues and customer traction – 2x 


  • Providing employment to rural youth by hiring them as field extension team or helping them to become entrepreneurs by joining them as channel partners.
  • Farmers get higher germination with best quality of seeds
  • Reducing overall input cost for farmers with access to right package of practices and products.

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