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For minimizing fabric wastage in the textile industry using its technology platform.


Threadsol’s SaaS-based solution offers innovative strategies to minimise fabric wastage and optimises fabric utilisation for the textile industry. It de-risks the business through a multi-product and multi-geography strategy, and eases human effort and minimises human error.

Funded by Blume Ventures and other angel investors such as Rajan Anandan (Google India), the 46-member team currently serves textile manufacturing companies in India, Dhaka, Turkey and Sri Lanka. According to Ganguli, Threadsol records a 46 per cent commit percent (a metric to track conversion of leads to commitment of product) and 25 per cent growth every quarter. In three years, it aims to serve 15 geographies and build into a key technology partner for material management (across industries) within a decade.

Threadsol’s solution is the first SaaS tool for fabric utilization serving the textile industry 

Its scaling model helps de-risk business by way of a multi-product and multi-geography strategy 

It claims to be a pioneer in enterprise fabric management wherein it tracks the product from purchase to shipment stage

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