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In Startup50 2016: For its A-list clientele including the likes of Unilever, Airtel, Reckitt, Tata  Sky and GSK. The company helps large brands and FMCG companies deal with mom and pop stores across the globe by building software to manage the right assortment across stores and also manage the feet-on-street distribution salesforce efficiently.

Founders: Sachin Chabbra, Nidhi Ramachandran

Backed by India Angel Network, IDG and Inventus Capital, Peelworks helps FMCG clients automate the following two critical business processes: One, ensure that technology takes over replenishment of right assortment, in every mom and pop store, by lighting up information about their tertiary sales (a product called “Stores 98.4” solves this problem) and two, its product called 1SF which helps maximise the productivity and efficiency of its sales force. 

Serving A-Listers

When some of India’s largest brands use your product, chances are, your product is cutting edge, relevant and delivers tremendous value to an enterprise customer. Peelworks was recommended to the Startup50 Nomination pool by Inventus Venture Partners and aren’t we glad. A company that likes to operate under the radar, its two products, Stores 98.4 and 1SF, have managed to make a serious dent by penetrating itself into big name clients.

Fixing the distribution system

Both of Peelworks’ products cater to the needs of the companies with large distribution systems. The company’s tools are critical to ensure efficiency across the value chain, especially in a country like India.

Sept 2010

Year of founding


India Angel Network, IDG Ventures and Inventus

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