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For building a solution for predictive and preventive healthcare through genetic counseling.


Founders: Anu Acharya, Subash Lingareddy

Are you likely to lose hair as you age?  Will you be a sports person? Are you prone to hypertension? All this information and more can be gained through Mapmygenome. Its personalized healthcare solution is predictive and preventive whereby it examines the unique biology of an individual to predict physical traits and also to assess the probability of developing a range of diseases, and offers genetic counseling to avoid onset of the disease or manage it better.  Unlike the traditional annual physical exam which detects only once the disease condition has manifested, Mapmygenome tests, predict an individual’s disease risks, which can help an individual take preventive measures to keep the disease at bay.

The company also offers several diagnostic tests for infectious diseases such as TB as well as a complete offering of NGS-based diagnostic panels for Physicians. The company has increased its presence in Delhi NCR, Goa and Mumbai in the current financial year and plans to add three more cities by this year-end. The headcount is also expected to increase from 18 to 59 to 102 in two years to enable this growth. The company has partnerships with 40 hospitals, including home healthcare brand, Portea Medical and Cryosave to expand its presence.

In 3 years, the company expects to cross the US $5 million mark in revenue, create presence in at least five major countries, and influence more than 500,000 lives.

Mapmygenome has created a disruptive healthcare B2C model by providing direct to consumer healthcare solutions alongside a B2B model through regular channels such as hospital and other healthcare providers. 

Its flagship product ‘Genomepatri’ is a non-invasive test that covers 100+ conditions ranging from an individual’s physical attributes (sports genes, caffeine addiction, hair loss) to predicting onset of diseases (Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes). 

Mapmygenome’s personalized genomics and diagnostic healthcare solution relies on a proprietary algorithm, “Snappy” to evaluate the risk factors for disease and traits. This algorithm takes into account specific population statistical risk factors.


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