Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den

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For the founders’ bold, ambitious plan of building a computer vision and ai startup out of india. It serves enterprise customers with apis to perform the following tasks – object recognition, head and facial gestures, emotion detection and 3d facial gestures.


Founders: Ashwini Asokan Anand Chandrasekaran

You found an outfit that you just loved in a magazine you were browsing? Well, just take a picture of that outfit find the closest match online through Mad Street Den’s Artificial Intelligence platform which makes online shopping easy through visual search! It also helps in user engagement analytics with emotion detection and gaze tracking and changes the face of mobile gaming with gesture and expression detection! Founded by techies, Ashwini Asokan and Anand Chandrasekaran, Mad Street Den’s business model focuses on building computer vision and Artificial Intelligence APIs, which it’d sell/rent to enterprise customers on a per-user model.

The company helps in building an end-to-end platform that powers most Vision-based needs for businesses around the world.

It was funded to the tune of Rs. 9 crore by Exfinity Venture Partners & Growx in February 2015 and aims to evolve into a top-notch computer vision company providing APIs to enterprise customers working in the areas of fashion, technology and e-commerce.

Computer vision APIs is provided on a cloud based platform and the algorithms combines deep learning and neuromorphic design concepts to provide good performance

The company is targeting about 100,000 users by August end and increase the API calls per month to 6 million in August from the current level of one million

It has several computer vision modules in its platform including object recognition (visual search / recommendations and tagging focused on fashion currently), text/number recognition, emotion recognition and gestures

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