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In Startup50 2016: For standing out in an ultra competitive segment, for its nimbleness and its ability to use its auto network to break into hyper-local delivery and B2B logistics 

Founders: Samar Singla (In Pic) And Chinmay Agarwal

Jugnoo, a Chandigarh based company, was established in the year 2014. The company is an aggregator of over 15,000 auto-rickshaw drivers and over 40,000 people currently transact per day.

Business Model

It is a mobile app offering one of the largest networks of auto-rickshaws in India. The company has around four million registered users and is trending at 40,000 daily transactions. Over 15,000 auto-rickshaw drivers are working for Jugnoo at the moment and the company is witnessing a month on month growth of 20 per cent.

Founded by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, the company is targeting students, working professionals, and masses that are dependent on public transport for their daily conveyance. In April 2016, it raised Series B funding to the tune of US $10 million from Paytm, Snow Leopard and Rocketship. With an employee base of 300, the company turned in revenues of Rs. 23.02 crore for FY 2015-16.

Differentiating factors

Jugnoo focuses on keeping the drivers and customers engaged. The drivers have understood the importance of quality even at low numbers. At lower fares, they are able to pick up more rides and their idle time is significantly reduced, which eventually increases their earnings.

The company facilitates drivers by doubling their sources of livelihood and is also increasing the auto-rickshaw availability for the customers. Serving the customers on time has made the hailing process easier and transparent through Jugnoo app.

Apart from an in-house and unique route optimization software, Jugnoo also works on a very different business model; it focuses on making its auto-rickshaw drivers as the core revenue builders by engaging them in the services they provide, be it Dodo or Fatafat services. With Fatafat, Jugnoo marks its entry into the hyperlocal grocery delivery, and with Dodo Deliveries, it manages the B2B logistics segment.

Social Impact

Jugnoo intends to uplift the social stature of five million auto-rickshaw drivers in India by creating better opportunities for them. It aims to double the income and efficiency of every auto-rickshaw driver in the country.

Facts in numbers:
4 million

(Registered users on Jugnoo App)


(No. of daily transactions)


(No. of auto-rickshaw drivers on the platform)

(Month on month growth)

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