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For using technology to solve the problem of helping companies close job openings quickly


Today, the average time taken to close a job position is five to six months given the large candidate pools and the entire process being quite passive. Hiree solves this problem by using big data and algorithms to showcase and highlight (for recruiters) only active candidates, thus allowing them to recruit personnel in matter of hours or days.

Funded by IDG Ventures India, Prashant Kirtane, Raghu Krishnananda, Ravi Gururaj and Shamsunder Talreja, Hiree is today an 80-member flat organisation with a transparent working culture. In three years, it aims to gain market leadership in India’s recruitment space. The company started of a myNoticePeriod, with a focus on helping companies hire from a pool of people who were on their notice period, but quickly rebranded and transformed its model to help companies close job openings quickly.

Its recruiter mobile app on the Android platform helps recruiters hire on-the-go. 

Job searches are made less time-intensive through its proprietary algorithm which focuses on jobseeker skills to provide the best and quickest match for recruiters. 

Some metrics Hiree measures and tracks are – monthly Revenue Run-rate (MRR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Recruiter Engagement Index (REI) and Jobseeker Skill- Value Correlation (JSVC).

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