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One of india’s fastest growing product startups, serving 50,000+ customers around the world with its saas product for customer support. Freshdesk recently raised us $94 million and is the first indian company that raised money from google capital.


Set up in 2010, Freshdesk, a global SaaS products company, builds software that helps more than 50,000 businesses across the world talk to their customers through email, Facebook, Twitter, chat and phone. With an employee base of 470, the company has seen good traction in its growth, which is evident from its customer growth rate of around 3x every year, revenue growth of 5x between 2010-2013 and 3x every subsequent year. Over the past three years, Freshdesk has raised US $94 million in investment from some of the best investors in the world, and was the first company in India to be backed by Google Capital.

The company is also keen on making an impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. For instance, it annually hosts Save the Hacker, a two-day hackathon for developers who are looking for a break from their routine and help them learn the nuances of building a product from scratch. And they have seen good success too, as many teams have shipped out products that address socially relevant issues.

Comes in all sizes: Freshdesk’s solution allows businesses of all sizes to engage with their customers. Its game mechanics-based features, launched in 2012, helps businesses motivate customer support agents and allow them to score points for solving customer queries. 

Out-of-the-box phone integration: Customer support teams can route and pick up customer calls right from their desktops or mobile phones. Setting up a call centre is accomplished in just 5 minutes, as against a few days or even weeks through the traditional route. 

Newer products: Its second product, Freshservice, a cloud based IT help desk, helps IT teams focus on exceptional service delivery and internal employee support satisfaction and allows for effortless scaling of IT infrastructure and systems. It also launched Mobihelp, an in-app customer support tool for mobile apps.

Poornima Kavlekar has been associated with The Smart CEO since the time of launch and is the Consulting Editor of the magazine. She has been writing for almost 20 years on a cross section of topics including stocks and personal finance and now, on entrepreneurship and growth enterprises. She is a trained Yoga Teacher, an avid endurance Cyclist and a Veena player.

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