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In Startup50 2016:For the experience of its management team, for building a hi-tech firm at the intersection of machine learning, sensors, nano-apps and data analytics and for helping solve critical problems for global industrial and oil & gas firms.   

Founders: Krishna Raman, Derick Jose, Srikanth Murlidhara 

Flutura is a specialized machine Intelligence company focused on enabling OEMs’ to create new revenue models around remote monitoring of assets and advanced analytics.Flutura’s award winning machine intelligence platform, Cerebra, is used by several OEMs to offer new services to its customers. Flutura also works with facility management and manufacturing companies to enable them monitor critical electrical and mechanical assets in large industrial and commercial facilities and in  manufacturing lines world wide.

Several industrial assets like Boilers, Chillers, Turbines, Batteries, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Valves, Generators, Sensors, Meters and other electrical and mechanical assets are connected to Flutura’s platform. Our customers choose Cerebra over other IOT platforms as it supports advanced high streaming technology to support high velocity machine data streams, advanced visualization, unique pattern discovery algorithms, and supports an industry-first unique methodology called nano apps to launch new offerings every 60 days.

Cerebra has 70+ ready-to-use nano apps for asset health monitoring, forensics, sensor health monitoring, safety risk assessment, calibration, performance benchmarking, condition based maintenance, predicting machine failures and others. Flutura has partnered with several sensor companies and telecom companies to offer end to end solutions to OEM s’ and asset owners.

In numbers 

In spite of being a startup, Flutura’s Cerebra platform is used at a leading US airport to capture 1.2 billion events (monitoring) every three seconds. The company serves a large Houston-based oil & gas OEM, helping them with remote monitoring critical assets, to make mission critical decisions. Also, Cerebra’s ability to increase longevity of deep water assets is a major differentiator in the oil and gas segment.


Year of Founding 


The Hive, Palo Alto based Big Data Incubator 

Clients in 

Oil & gas

Industrial & manufacturing



Flutura’s industrial IoT platform powers new business models for its clients, impacting their clients’ business performance directly

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