Events High (Njuta Technologies Pvt Ltd.)

Events High (Njuta Technologies Pvt Ltd.)

Consumer Tech Startup50

In Startup50 2016: For aspiring to become the Google for Local Events, with the specific goal of helping users find the long tail of local, city-based events, achieving its user growth numbers and for serving 320,000 monthly active users in August 2016.

Founders: Nikesh Garera, Arvind Batra And Parag Sarda

Events High is a marketplace where consumers can discover all events and activities at one place, organised by location, interest and social circle.  While the team started prototyping the idea in July 2014, the business was incorporated only in November 2015. For over a thousand events happening every week in a city, the organizers use Events High’s CRM to sell tickets, promote their events to the right audience and manage their end-to-end workflow for digital presence.

With investments from Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-founder, Infosys), Srinath Batni (Director, Infosys) and Axilor Ventures, the company has made strong strides forward with mostly organic users without any paid marketing efforts.

Differentiation factors

The company has built a Google for local events. No matter where the information about the event is present (Facebook, blogs, ticketing sites, offline), the company’s technology aggregates and organizes the information at one place. As a result, it is ranked number one on Google for ‘Events in Bangalore’, ‘Events in Delhi’, ‘Events in Mumbai’ and so on.

Its marketplace is personalised to the needs of the consumers so that they can follow their interests and identify events within five kms of their location on a map. As a result, more than 100,000 people follow an interest on Events High and get personalized notifications for relevant events.

The company has built a mobile-first CRM for organizers where they can create events, track ticket sales/leads, answer questions, collect reviews and manage end-to-end digital workflow. The impact is that more than 1,000 organizers have used its organizer CRM product for managing their events.

Social Factor

Local events encourage community participation via common interests, causes and venues, thus helping people identify the activities in their locality. Additionally, there are many local events which are free for non-profit causes and they do not have a good platform to manage their registrations and promotions. For them, Events High provides added support and also provides a discounted pricing for the same. As a result, it has become the largest platform for free and non-profit events with more than 200 free events getting added every month.

Facts in numbers:

(Events in a city every week)


(Monthly Active Users)

Quick facts:

  • A Google for local events
  • Technology aggregates and organizes online and offline information at one place
  • Identifies events within five kms of their location on a map

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