Entersoft Information Systems

Entersoft Information Systems

Enterprise Tech Startup50

In Startup50 2016: Entersoft Information Systems finds a place amongst the winners in the Enterprise Technology category for providing expertise in the area of offensive security. The company whose award winning application security is trusted by over 150 global brands is run by real, ethical hackers

Founders: Mohan Gandhi (In Pic) And Chakradhar K.

entersoft-1The times we live in can be best described as interesting; how else do you wrap your head around the idea that hackers (ethical ones at that) run a real information security business that is trusted by over 150 brands worldwide? Mohan Gandhi and Chakradhar K. established Bengaluru-based Entersoft Information Systems (Entersoft) in 2012 with the objective of being offensive security experts, building robust security applications through real-time hacking. In nearly four years, the company has turned profitable and in FY 2016, it posted annual revenues of Rs. 85 lakh, up from the corresponding figure of Rs. 56 lakh for FY 2015. By the end of the current fiscal, it aims to reach a clientele of over 200 global companies and hit a growth spurt of nearly 400 per cent in yearly revenue.

The first mover advantage

The company’s flagship product, EnProbe, is the security industry’s first fully automated cloud-based scanner for mobile and web-based applications. The scanner assesses all types of web pages including AJAX and Java script-based pages for vulnerability on the cloud. Its combination of offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and practical management of security results in cost-effective solutions.

Hackers at heart

The team at Entersoft is part of the most effective underground and bug bounty programmes and has successfully found security bugs in top-notch products such as Dropbox, Yahoo!, Blackberry and more. In fact, the way the team functions is to hack each of its clients’ apps to look for critical bugs, with prior permission sought, of course.

Cyber security culture

Clearly, we live in times where apps are a way of life, then again, each company that builds an app needs to ensure the security of its IP. As the founding duo suggest, cyber security is the weakest in the application layer. For Entersoft, one of its main aims was to create a work culture based on cyber security amongst app developers.


(The number of clients Entersoft aims to reach in FY 2017)


(The strength of the team at Entersoft primarily comprising hackers)

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