AVR Edge Networks

AVR Edge Networks

Enterprise Tech Startup50

In Startup50 2016: By using innovative technologies like natural language processing and predictive modelling, AVR Edge Networks has come up with winning solutions to address real world problems in human resources, especially, for companies with larger workforces

Founder: Arjun Pratap

avr-edge-networksDeep Learning. Natural Language Processing.  Artificial Neural Networks. Predictive Modelling. These terms sound like they have nothing to do with an organisation’s human resources function, yet, Bengaluru-based AVR Edge Networks (Edge)  uses artificial intelligence to build a business that connects the right people to the right job. In a little over three years, the company founded by Arjun Pratap, has achieved a 17x growth in revenue and its volumes in job description analysis and profile analysis has touched 1.3 million and 19.93 million, respectively.

Creating the neural network

HIRE alchemy is the company’s flagship technology platform that functions on the basis of artificial intelligence and data science. Through the creation of an artificial neural network and the use of natural language processing, Edge has generated machine-based ‘source-validate-connect’ algorithms that tighten and sharpen the process of person to job matching.

Managing talent end-to-end

Edge’s end-to-end talent acquisition and management solution encompasses many sub-sets including, JD creation, profile enrichment, talent allocation, search and match, auto-sourcing from internal and external portals, score and stack ranking based on rules set specifically by the client and more. This in-depth domain knowledge alongside the application of newest practices in talent management gives the company an edge in this sphere.

Saving on resources

Since 2012, Edge has consciously prioritised understanding customer needs and finding apt solutions that are efficient, both in terms of cost and time spent. In fact, its web design is based on intuitive user experience which is customised to suit customer preferences. Its clientele has seen tangible benefits in applying its solutions which include a near 58 per cent reduction in time and a four-fold increase in supply visibility. Additionally, the intelligence generated on Edge’s platform helps companies analyse the career path and graph of its employees and assess skill gaps to take the necessary steps to bridge the same.

19.93 million

 (Number of profiles analysed by Edge)


(Clients have seen a 58 per cent reduction in time taken by using Edge’s flagship product)


(Clients have seen a 4X increase in supply visibility using Edge’s flagship product)

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