A peek into six exciting tech startups

A peek into six exciting tech startups

Madhumita Prabhakar

If I were to say there is a technology startup boom in the country, that’d be an understatement. What we’ve been witnessing over the last two years is quite simply the remarkable appetite and entrepreneurial energy that India’s top-skilled working professionals had. From IT Services industry profesionals and management consultants to domain experts from industrial sectors – everyone seems to want a piece of the action in India’s now vibrant, enthusiastic startup ecosystem.

In this section in The Smart CEO, we uncover the stories of six extremely exciting startups and growth companies in the enterprise and mobile Internet space.

We’ve packaged each of these short stories into an easy-to-read format. Each article is split into three sections – the problem the startup is trying to solve, the solution and its future growth plan. Additionally, for every startup, we have uncovered an interesting anecdote from the founder.

Read on.

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