Welcome to #ITeS100

Welcome to #ITeS100

IT/ITeS 100 - In Partnership with IDA Ireland

#ITeS100 is a collection of posts on LinkedIn that’ll uncover for our readers the latest trends and insights shaping India’s Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector. 

Overall, we’ll be focusing on sharing insights, data, thought leadership, and the latest trends as narrated by CEOs, founders, CTOs, CMOs, and CFOs in this segment. 

Broadly speaking, India’s IT sector has gone through a rapid transformation over the last year and a half during the pandemic. The demand for digital, data, cloud, security, and automation services went through the roof and India’s ITeS sector was ready to serve global corporations with its vast talent pool. 

As of March 2021, the IT-BPM sector employed over 4.5 million people as per reports from Nasscom. It created jobs for 138,000 new jobs in 2020-21. The demand for next-generation digital skills like AI, data analytics, cloud, app development, blockchain, cybersecurity, and robotic process automation grew at a breakneck pace.

In addition to hiring people, IT companies were rejigging their training and development function to skill and reskill their people with next-generation digital skills. They were upgrading their teams to become future-proof. 

Through our series of posts on LinkedIn and interviews published in Smart CEO, we aim to capture a wide range of insights from various thought leaders in this sector. 

We’re interviewing the following senior management leaders from across the IT sector:

  • CEOs and Founders
  • CTOs and Chief Information Officers
  • CISO and Heads of Cybersecurity
  • Heads of Innovation and New Initiatives 
  • CMOs 
  • Data Science Leaders 
  • CFOs and COOs 
  • CHROs 

By asking the right questions, we hope to get an overall perspective of what is driving growth in the IT-BPM segment. 

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