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FRSH, which delivers fresh food ordered online, was started in January 2014 by two friends from IIT Delhi, Badal Goel and Sumit Kumar. Goel ran a food venture for more than two years before starting FRSH and manages product menu, procurement, and kitchen operations at the current startup. Kumar manages technology, marketing and logistics operations.

Goel and Badal realised that 20 per cent of urban India misses breakfast, another 20 per cent eat junk snacks in the evening, and that fresh juice penetration is abysmally low in India compared to the developed world. FRSH was started to solve this basic problem of making fresh and healthy food accessible.

FRSH takes only online orders through its website and delivers as per the selected delivery slot, which is set at a 45 to 60 minute interval for every delivery cluster. Currently it delivers in Gurgaon but plans to start operations in a new city in the next four to five months. Right now, it is focusing on building a scalable system that can be replicated across multiple cities.

In September 2014, FRSH received U.S. $100,000 from India Quotient and in February 2015, U.S. $518,000 from India Quotient and Kae Capital. This funding helped the company build a strong team to develop best in class products, and a system, which can be scaled quickly. “We have also moved into a big kitchen which will cater to at least 8,000 orders per day,” explains Goel. It is right now in the process of converting it into a SMART kitchen where most of the things are controlled by technology. It also has an in-house technology team working to scale up the systems (be it in terms of consumer app, order tracking app, back-end inventory management or kitchen operations management).

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