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Articles tagged to "Infosys"

A niche software for compliance management

Feb 01, 2015

Clonect, with backing from former Infosys honchos V Balakrishnan and TV Mohandas Pai, aims to build a unique software for regulatory compliance management. Their secret weapon: the founding team’s years of experience in several CFO and CIO related processes

Clonect Infosys Regulatory compliance management TV Mohandas Pai V Balakrishnan

Login for tuitions

Aug 01, 2012

Login for tuitions, the online K-12 education service provider, is targeting a paid subscriber base of six lakh students over the next three years


Why leaders have to be followers?

Jun 01, 2012

Why leaders have to be followers?

Matt Barney, director, Infosys Leadership Institute, has had the privilege of working closely with the founders of Infosys. Here, he demystifies the concept of leadership through several observations from the Infosys story

Infosys IT Industry Leadership