Post Quantum’s Pivot Strategy

Post Quantum’s Pivot Strategy

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Bootstrapped for a long time, Post-Quantum was way ahead of its time when it began developing encryption systems to prevent cracking by quantum computers in 2009. Realising that it’s too early in the game, and noting its challenge in explaining its solution to potential investors, it diverged into developing defence-grade security solutions for critical sectors such as Government & financial services

Founded in early 2009 by Martin Tomlinson, Andersen Cheng and CJ Tjhai, Post-Quantum began by developing encryption systems to secure against cracking by quantum computers. As the founders themselves admit, since their solutions are ahead of time (given that quantum computing is still a speculative theory), they diverged into developing defence-grade security solutions for a number of critical sectors, such as healthcare, national infrastructure, Government and financial services.

In this sphere, Post-Quantum currently offers four security solutions; the first being, protecting data at rest. Typically such data is prone to unauthorized access and breach by an internal or external attack, which could result in loss of reputation or intellectual property theft. The company secures this data with its quantum secure encryption, which ensures that the stolen data cannot be cracked in future. Secondly, it secures data in transit that could be privy to monitoring, interception or tampering. Post-Quantum protects this data by creating end-to-end security and man-in-the-middle detection, ensuring data moving across networks within an organization or between company and clients cannot be cracked in future. Thirdly, it implements a minimum access approach (to data) to ensure that critical data is secured not just on role-based privilege. Its solution is designed in a manner that only particular individuals or policy bots designated by the company can access high-value data through consensus, thus enabling better insight into user activities and connecting a user’s identity with specific access requests. Last among Post-Quantum’s solutions is securing a company’s process and workflows, by creating increased reliability, transparency and security.

Since founding, Post-Quantum has raised 16 million pounds in funding, including a Series A in 2016 from Hong Kong-based VMS Investment Group and AM Partners, a seed round from John Power, and capital raised through the Barclays Accelerator Program.


Category: Wireless Security

Founded: 2009

Founders: Martin Tomlinson, Andersen Cheng and CJ Tjhai

Investors: John Power, Barclays Accelerator Program, Hong Kong-based VMS Investment Group and AM Partners

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

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