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A ‘doorstep gadget repair’ company generating rs. 12.5 Crore in revenue in fy15 and profitable. Partnerships to sell “service packages” with snapdeal, micromax and chroma.


Praful Wadyalkar and Wilbert D. Raj’s Pickme e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Pickme) provides doorstep pick-up and drop for repair of all handheld gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, watches, cam recorders, laptops and so on through authorised service channels. This service was designed especially keeping in mind the inconveniences suffered by working professionals while trying to repair a gadget. The company runs a website and a call centre so customers are just a click, SMS or phone call away from having their gadgets serviced across several cities in India. It caters to all major brands like Sony, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and so on.

In March 2013, Pickme received a round of funding to the tune of US $500,000, from Chennai Angels, Mumbai Angels and Bangalore Angels. The company measures its growth through the number of user subscriptions, utilisation of its services and service deliveries. With a current team strength of over 570 employees, Pickme aims to build its network to ensure that India sees its service as a necessity more than a luxury. In a span of ten years, the company plans to go international with the opportunity to serve consumer brands on a global scale.

Valuing time: PICKME ensures that a consumer’s time is not wasted for servicing his/her gadget. 

Adding to turnover: From an annual revenue of Rs. 2.53 crore in fiscal 2013-14, the company’s revenue has grown by more than 350 per cent to Rs. 12.5 crore for fiscal 2014-15. 

Going global: In the next ten years, the company plans to go international to reduce the issues in offsite services.

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