Local Circles

Local Circles

Social Impact Startup50

In Startup50 2016: For building a platform for citizens to partner with the local government bodies and address hyper-local, community-based and national issues ranging from healthcare and education to women and child safety, and crime.

Founder: Sachin Taparia

localcirclesRecently, the Tamil Nadu Government initiated a Clean Up Drive (let’s say, a Swachh Bharat at a State-level) to educate people about social issues such as public littering, wearing a seat belt while driving and more. Now, imagine if such an impactful initiative were taken up by every society/ community within the state, by creating a (micro) governing body and a process to implement it. Wouldn’t it create a better impact than mere advertising in mass media? This, in a way, is what Local Circles, the Noida-based startup does.

Founded in August 2012, Local Circles uses the collective knowledge of a community to solve real world problems confronting the common people. Thus far, it has pooled together 1.2 million citizens across the country and leveraged over 50 initiatives on various issues. For example, through the organisation, 3,000 blood requirements were met and 150 lives saved in Delhi/NCR last year. Similarly, with the Swachh Bharat circle of 350,000 citizens, major policies have been made towards plastic waste management, hazardous waste management and more.

So far, the organisation has received Rs. 11 crore in investments from notable businessmen such as Anand Mahindra, Puneet Dalmia and Nadir Godrej.

In fact, during a 2015 interview with The Smart CEO, when LocalCircles was still in its formative years of business, its founder, Taparia voiced, “You can be connected to a thousand friends on social networks or even in different parts of a city. But when you are faced with a calamity such as this, only your neighbours can help you.”

1.2 million

(Number of citizens now a part of LocalCircles)

Rs. 11 crore

(Funding raised from Anand Mahindra, Puneet Dalmia and Nadir Godrej)


(Number of initiatives undertaken by LocalCircles thus far)

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