However, social media addiction has taken over work addiction on holiday, with 46 per cent travellers, who will post regular updates (status, tweets, pictures) to their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

Let’s explore!

  • 20 per cent of those travelling within India are going to visit at least one of the three destinations: Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan.
  • Among international holiday spots, south east Asian destinations such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia emerge as favourites, followed by Australia, U.K., U.S. etc.
  • Destinations like Kashmir, Port Blair, Spain, Greece, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia and Vietnam also emerged as new vacation choices for a few, indicating a trend to go off the beaten track.
  • Promotional campaigns seem to have influenced choice of destination for as many as 30 per cent travellers shared that they made the decision to holiday in some destinations after seeing promotional tourism campaigns. The top three destinations people decided on visiting after watching the promotional campaigns were Gujarat, followed by Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. Travellers are also showing increasing interest in exploring J&K and the north east.


Travellers are breaking away from being addicted to work on vacation with 70 per cent travellers from key metros saying they will keep away from their office emails and phone calls on their summer breaks.

Not hooked to IPL

While slightly better than last year, the IPL frenzy doesn’t seem to have caught up this year as well with 72 per cent respondents saying they are not excited about IPL matches. Looks like more people are planning exciting journeys across India and abroad during the IPL season as opposed to sitting glued to their TV sets.

Women fly solo

  • Setting a new trend, Indian women are ready to head out by themselves on a holiday with 64 per cent willing to travel alone on leisure.
  • However, only 11 per cent women are comfortable travelling alone within India; as opposed to 18 per cent women, who are actually more comfortable travelling internationally. An indication probably of how safe women feel in the country which is their own, when compared to unknown international destinations.
  • 49 per cent women are planning to splurge between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 on their summer vacation this year.
  • Though only 40 per cent women are open to the idea of mystery travel, 67 per cent are happy heading to offbeat destinations.
  • Women are game for moderate adventure with camping /rafting/hiking and backpacking but are not that keen on safari/wildlife trips compared to their male counterparts.
  • Largest percentage of women who would not consider travelling alone are from Chennai, Hyderabad and New Delhi.


  • Among the six key metros, Kolkata has the highest percentage (17 per cent) of travellers looking to travel only internationally.
  • Kolkata has the highest social media quotient with the highest percentage of respondents across six metros looking to post regular social updates while on holiday, followed by New Delhi.
  • Hyderabad, followed by Chennai and Kolkata are the top three cities with travellers planning to venture to offbeat destinations on holiday this summer.
  • Bengaluru leads the adventure trail with highest respondents across cities planning to take a safari/wildlife sanctuary or camping/hiking/rafting holiday.
  • 69 per cent of Mumbai respondents are set to spend between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 – the highest across six metros.
  • Chennai followed by Hyderabad and Kolkata are least likely to plan short breaks over upcoming long weekends holidays.
  • Mumbai, followed by Bengaluru and New Delhi are least excited about the upcoming IPL season.
  • Chennai shows the lowest percentage of respondents going on a romantic or honeymoon holiday this summer.

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