Head Held High Services

Head Held High Services

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For creating a model where they train rural youth, and then find them jobs in head held high services, which offers multiple services to clients through its operations in rural india.


Head Held High Services is a social enterprise that unleashes the power of rural youth through skills, entrepreneurship and technology to drive their socio-economic prosperity and to build a sustainable, scalable social enterprise. The venture’s vision is to build careers for two million rural youth over the next decade, through platforms for talent transformation, entrepreneur development and market-linked employment creation.

The company, which has received funds from Unilazer and angel investors, is currently present in 20 + locations (in villages and rural India), and has reached out to more 10,000 youth through its various programs.

Through its transformative training methodology, the venture transforms unskilled rural youth who are zero literates and school dropouts or graduates, to employable-level in less than six months. The program is based on three broad principles: relevance, transformation, context.

The training primarily focusses on equipping a person to be “work-capable”, besides equipping candidates to continue with their learning through various means like the Internet. Using a continuous feedback loop of training and evaluation, the program is designed in “sprints” of concentrated and relevant material that is as driven as the students it trains.

Trainees are not fitted into available jobs, but facilitate the right aspiration-skill-role match, to help rural youth build long term careers rather than just do a job. 

90 per cent of the graduates have been placed across sectors like finance, health care, education, consumer and financial inclusion, providing services in sales, customer service, consumer insights, business processes and community engagement. 

Head Held Highhas coined a new term called ‘Rubanomics’, which is a construct to understand the economics and business models for these Rubans to drive their economic prosperity.

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