An Eye On Securing Your Networks

An Eye On Securing Your Networks

IDA Ireland - Smart CEO Global Cybersecurity Report 2018

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Ireland-based NetFort works with giants in the ecommerce, education, financial services, Government and legal sectors to closely monitor, investigate and report on network and user activity, through its flagship software, LANGuardian

Founded in 2002 in Galway, Ireland, Netfort deploys network traffic and security monitoring software to protect the virtual and physical network at organisations. The company’s flagship product, LANGuardian, is a deep pocket inspection software, which monitors, investigates and reports on network and user activity.

Let’s take the SolarWinds sector for instance.  Companies in this sector typically use the software to access actual user and application names, rather than just their port numbers and IP addresses. Additionally, the software works independent of solarwinds installations (not tampering with its performance, security and data usage), can be used on networks of any size, and offers clients a peek into how internal and external users are using key resources within the network.

At a broader level, the software instantly detects and resolves malicious activities (due to constant monitoring), uses a single dashboard to monitor activity in core and remote sites, and conducts forensics and investigates reports.  It also keeps track of what all users are doing, what’s on the network, servers and applications, troubleshoots and network performance issues.

Netfort has established businesses in the US, UK and EMEA and currently works with clients in the ecommerce, education, financial services, Government and legal sectors. Some of its clients comprise the likes of Anz, Honda, Trinity College Dublin, Accenture, Dubai Airports and so on.


Category: Network Security

Founded: 2002

Founder/ CEO: John Brosnan

Investors: NA

Headquarters: Galway, Ireland

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