Why Stackpath Is Building Bolt-On Security Solutions

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A year after coming out of its stealth mode, StackPath is banking on the world increasingly doing business over the Internet to deliver built-in and not bolt-on security solutions

SaaS-startup StackPath was founded in 2015 by Ryan Carter and Lance Crosby, the former Chairman and CEO of SoftLayer Technologies, a company which was acquired for US $2 billion by IBM in 2013. While StackPath was in stealth mode since founding, it made an opening in July 2016 when it announced a fund raise of US $180 million from private equity firm, Abry Partners. The funding round goes hand in hand with four key acquisitions it has made in the same period, of network security companies, Cloak and FireBlade, web hosting and content delivery network company, MaxCDN and DDoS mitigation technology developer, Staminus.

With these acquisitions and incoming funds, StackPath established itself as a secure content delivery firm, with its core objective being to deliver built-in and not bolt-on security solutions for clients. In other words, despite the world relying more on the Internet and cloud to do business, companies are still buying security software on a pay-as-you-go basis instead of making security core of its hardware. This is where StackPath wants to come in, to create a secure Internet.

With 30,000 customers currently in its stable, the company offers two services; SecureCDN and WAF.  The former includes DDoS mitigation (protection from volumetric and DDoS attacks), WAF, an enterprise-grade web application firewall which is built into a secure content delivery network to secure businesses from real world threats, origin shield, which protects servers from request overload, Black Lists, which blocks abusive sites from hotlinking the company’s assets, two-step login authentication and control access to the company’s SecureCDN assets. 

(In May 2018, StackPath announced a merger with London-based Server Density, a server cloud and website monitoring company. The company’s CEO, Lance Crosby indicated that the move would help StackPath identify possible threats and risks. With this merger, the company is also gearing up for a rebrand by July 2018.)


Category: Network Security

Founded: 2015

Founders: Ryan Carter, Lance Crosby

Investors: ABRY Partners

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

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