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Around the world

While some like to explore India, others head to foreign shores for their holiday breaks. We ask a few heads of companies about their favourite holiday destinations


Yogesh Shah, co-founder, The Villa Escape

When I think of a holiday, Barcelona in Spain is the name that just pops up in my head. Barcelona is a city with so much life and energy. It has everything that I look for in a destination – art, culture, culinary delights, happening nightlife and not to mention, great people. And the fact that it is also a shopping destination makes my better half happy. Considering that my favourite football team is FC Barcelona, it just adds to the reasons why Barcelona is one of my favourite holiday destinations. I love going to Camp Nou (a football stadium) and pick up a sports memorabilia whenever I visit the place.

Yogesh Shah, co-founder, The Villa Escape, helps rent villas in exotic locales

Ishaan Sachdeva, Founder and Director, Alberto Torresi

My last trip took me to Jaipur, the Pink City, in Rajasthan. The three-day trip with my family members was a unique experience. The air of royalty hangs like a mysterious cloak all around Jaipur, and every nook and corner is replete with the grandeur of the Rajputana history. The Amber and Nahargarh forts were quite an experience. The first glimpse of the fort in its scenic setting left an incredible impact and the view of the city below was breathtaking. We also visited the Jal Mahal Lake, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Chokhi Dhani and Hawa Mahal. We rounded off the daily excursions with a spot of shopping in Jauhri Bazaar. The experience was complete once we tried the local cuisine comprising dal-baati-choorma and other exotic dishes. Though the trip was hectic and exhausting, it proved to be completely satisfying and extremely enjoyable.

 Ishaan Sachdeva, founder and director, Alberto Torresi, a men’s footwear brand 

Ameera Shah, MD and CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

With the kind of stressful lives we lead, I like to take a break for a couple of days every few months to relax, enjoy new experiences and re-energise. A week away, seeing some new monuments, learning a little about a new culture, doing cooking classes or deep sea diving can really take the edge off. I like visiting new places I haven’t been to and ideally, learn about new cultures. I am fascinated with how history has made each of us who we are, and I like going to a new country, talking to different people and understanding their perspective of the world. Some of my interesting trips have been to South Africa, Turkey and Mexico. I’m always happy to visit Italy as there are many places to see, the food is fantastic, there is a lot to learn about and the cultural landscape is a beautiful blend between history and progress. The top three countries on my bucket list are Japan, Brazil and Cuba. I plan to cover all three in the next two years.

Ameera Shah, managing director and CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., a chain of diagnostic centres 

G.S. Bhalla, Founder & CEO, Cocoberry

My favourite holiday destination is Hawaii in the U.S. The islands there have a perfect climate, are endowed with beautiful beaches and waterfalls, and support some of the most spectacular flora and fauna in the world. One can indulge in adventure sports like snorkelling and diving for some amazing underwater experiences. It also has some of the most breathtaking golf courses that serve as an ideal rejuvenation for the mind and the body, especially for those who love this sport.

G.S. Bhalla, founder & CEO, Cocoberry, a frozen yoghurt chain

Gaurav Singh Khushwaha, co-founder,

Pushkar in Rajasthan – it’s not so much a holiday destination for me, since I grew up in Rajasthan. But yes, it’s the only place I’d rather be when I think of taking a break. The last time I visited it was last year during the famous Pushkar mela (also called the Pushkar fair) in November. It has continued to be a favourite destination for me because of the comfort I feel when I’m there. There’s familiarity with the ambience, the people and the place. Growing up in Rajasthan, witnessing the mela wasn’t a novelty; it’s something I took for granted. However, now, I realise the significance the place holds for me – the Ghats by the lake, the temples, the camel safaris, the cool evenings and the folk songs by the bonfire. I particularly have fond memories of last year’s Pushkar mela when I went with a group of friends and we had a great evening by the bonfire – singing songs from our childhood while we feasted on the local cuisine.

Gaurav Singh Khushwaha, co-founder,, an online jewellery store

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