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IDA Ireland - Smart CEO Global Cybersecurity Report 2018

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Ireland-based The Email Laundry offers a suite of services to protect a company’s emails from falling prey to ransomware, virus and other phishing attacks. One of its key features is offering threat intelligence feeds, which understand the motivation and target of each attack, to deliver proactive protection to users

Typically, before phishing emails reach a user’s inbox, email security services identify such attacks through certain indications, such as the mention of terms like wire-transfer, attachments which usually comprise malicious code or content, mismatched URLs, poor language and grammar and more. However, despite these filters, in May this year, many became victims of the Google Docs phishing scam, wherein a user would be invited to Google Docs, redirected to the Google login page and asked to grant account permissions. Once he/she does, the attacker would gain access to their contacts, email and passwords, and the email would be sent to more users in their list.

While this is just one example, such attacks have surfaced since 2014, and will continue to do so as the world goes more digital, thus making email security a more prominent area of cybersecurity. And, one among those players, which is competing in this space, is The Email Laundry.

Founded in 2007 in Kildare, Ireland, the company uses a combination of cyber threat intelligence and multi-layered filtering, to block spam and secure emails from malware, phishing, spam and other advanced attacks.

Covering All Ends

Working with over 11,000 companies such as Renold, Amber Valley Borough Capital, Spar and Rockford, The Email Laundry currently offers six services to its clients. Firstly, the full stack email security, which uses cyber threat intelligence and a variety of tactics and algorithms to secure user emails from malware, CEO fraud, virus and more. Secondly, threat intelligence feeds, in which the company identifies the techniques, motivations and targets of attackers, using a combination of real-time NRDL, AS rankings and passive DNS, to deliver proactive protection to users. Thirdly, email continuity and email archiving, wherein the company ensures that using its web portal, emails get delivered to clients and customers even if the user’s servers go down. Archiving is an extension of this solution, through which cost of producing emails is lesser, and users can get a disaster recovery option at all times. Fourthly, the SaaS encryption suite, which prevents hackers and attackers from intercepting and accessing confidential mails. Lastly, Office 365 Email Signatures, in which the company delivers an interface through which the organization has complete control over its email branding and signatures, thus delivering more CTRs (Click Through Rates).


Category: Network Security

Founded: 2007

Founder/ CEO: Ken Bagnall 

Investors: NA

Headquarters: Kildare, Ireland

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