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U2opia Mobile

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In Startup50 2016: U2opia Mobile has built products in India to serve over 88 mobile network operators across Asia, Africa and Latin America. By creating mobile solutions that target over a billion people world over, the company has triumphed with its philosophy; make in India, sell abroad

Founders: Sumesh Menon And Ankit Nautiyal  

U2opia Mobile (U2opia) is a global provider of mobile applications that provide access to numerous social and utilitarian applications through its partnership with over 88 telecom operators in over 55 countries. The Gurgaon-based company, founded by Sumesh Menon and Ankit Nautiyal in 2010, aims to bridge the connectivity gap in developing nations by tapping the potential of USSD. Its USSD enabled platform, Fonetwish, allows users access to online content on mobile (from basic feature phones to smartphones), without an Internet connection.

Inclusive access

U2opia has made access to connectivity inclusive as it frees users in developing markets from expensive mobile data options and transforms their mobile phones into powerful devices that can change their quality of life.

Progress through portfolio

Through allied product launches, U2opia is looking to drive connectivity to the underserved world over. It recently launched a sponsored data offering, Fonepass, in partnership with Robi Axiata in Bangladesh which aims to increase Internet penetration in the country.U2opia has also launched Foneverify, an OTP generating tool to keep pace with the agility of the app market.

Under its wings

Backed by Matrix Partners and Omidyar Network, in 2016, U2opia launched Catapult Programme, a launchpad for startups.  The company will invest close to US $3 million over the next three years to fund startups working on scalable mobile technology. Under the programme, companies will be able to leverage U2opia’s platform to gain access to global mobile operators and Internet publishers apart from gaining financial support, infrastructure benefits and more.


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(Percentage of users in African nations who access Facebook via Facebook for USSD)

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