Tackling Cyberattacks Through Visual Deception

Tackling Cyberattacks Through Visual Deception

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Israel-based Illusive Networks is primarily focused on preempting and preventing APT attacks by designing an alterative, deceptive reality (of a company’s real assets), thus leading an attacker into a trap

Quite apposite to its name, Israel-based Illusive Networks focuses on tackling APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) by immersing a company’s crucial data (environment) with deceptive information that the attacker cannot navigate easily.

The company was founded in 2014 by Ofer Israeli, who has earlier worked with Check Point Software and has been an entrepreneur-in-residence at Team8 cybersecurity, researching innovative ideas that can be pursued in this field.

One of Illusive’s core solutions is Illusive Deceptions Everywhere, which designs an alternative reality to prevent APT attacks, thus leading the attacker into a trap when he enters the network. In other words, typically cyber attackers are keener on understanding how to navigate through systems to locate core, vital data. Realising this, the company creates a visual map just the way an attacker would want to see a company’s network, and it incorporates deception across the network.

A second trademark solution it offers is the agentless Illusive Deception Management System (DMS), which relies on machine learning to anticipate and preempt cyberattacks. DMS understands how endpoints are used and places optimized deceptions across the entire stack of endpoints, applications and network elements. As a company grows and business processes evolve, the solution adapts to these changes and makes the deceptive solution seem similar to a company’s real assets.

Currently, Illusive Networks works with clients in the financial services, healthcare and life sciences, legal affairs and, retail and technology sectors, to name a few. The company has so far raised US $30 million in funding across four rounds, from notable investors such as New Enterprise Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, Citi Ventures, Innovation Endeavors and Cisco Investments, to name a few.


Category: Deception Security 

Founded: 2014 

Founder: Ofer Israeli 

Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, Citi Ventures, Innovation Endeavors and Cisco Investments, to name a few. 

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

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