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Initially founded as a software that blocks illicit images and pornography, Ireland-based PixAlert has today evolved into a company which offers security solutions through protection of critical, sensitive data, and discovery of illicit images and content across organizations’ networks

University lecturers, Donal O’Shea and Dara Fitzgerald founded PixAlert in 1999 as a software that blocks illicit images and pornography. Over time, the company has introduced a slew of innovative image detection and security services, which discover sensitive data and illicit images across networks, and protect enterprises and their brand reputation.

The company works with 200 odd clients in the financial, healthcare, Government, retail and enterprise space. Some of its clients include Bombardier Aerospace, Virgin Blue, Reserve Bank of New Ireland, Unilever, Xerox, Bridgestone and the like. PixAlert currently has a presence in EMEA, AsiaPac and the US, with headquarters in Dublin and sales offices in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The Service Expanse

PixAlert offers security services in four areas; auditing, monitoring, email protection and GDPR Audit Tool. Under auditing, its security spans tools such as the PCI Card Checker, which locates and records unsecured card numbers and images in the company’s network by scanning all emails and devices, the Critical Data Auditor, a network-based scanning solution that discovers and monitors unstructured data, and Image Auditor, which discovers and eliminates risk caused by inappropriate images and content stored in organizational networks.

Under monitoring, the company deploys a centrally managed software which monitors, analyses and reports, in real time, illicit content being displayed in corporate systems, and under email protection, the company offers an image and data guard service, which protects organizations from threats pertaining to illicit image abuse, and offers protection for emails comprising critical, unsecured data. Lastly, the GDPR Audit Tool was introduced following an EU directive stating that all companies must regulate the processing of personal data within EU. PixAlert’s audit tool helps companies identify and eliminate data breaches, protect their data and continuously monitor networks to find potential breaches.

PixAlert received funding of over one million pounds by Lucey Fund, with talks of another one million pounds being injected into the business, by the investor, in July 2017. The company also announced that the Lucey Fund acquired PixAlert, valuing the deal at 2.4 million pounds. As a part of the deal, PixAlert offered its GDPR audit free for August 2017. 


Category: Network Security

Founded: 1999

Founder/ CEO: Ian Lucey

Investors: Acquired by Lucey Fund for €2,400,000

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

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