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For building a technology platform to share and monetize knowledge within an enterprise/sme to aid decision making.


Linkstreet is a corporate knowledge management venture that enables the create–store–manage–deliver–monetize cycle for institutionalizing knowledge and connecting people with actionable information required to take decisions. The seeds of Linkstreet were sown from a goal to provide access to a good teacher for remote, rural students. It is now helping to make learning and knowledge sharing easy and cost effective and enabling life-long learning. The venture, which has clients such as ISB Hyderabad, IIM Bangalore, Portea Medical, Columbia Asia Hospitals and Thomson Reuters, has been funded by the Aditya Parekh-led Faering Capital.

The company, which has grown from 10 clients in 2013 to 35 clients in 2015, aims to become a leader in the corporate knowledge management space and transform corporate learning from the current annual/quarterly training to everyday, continuous, real-time model, with learning on the cloud.

Overtime, it aims to serve the consumer market as well.  For instance, a student anywhere in India can learn from an expert doctor in the U.S. or do joint research with a professor abroad. An employee can take an IIM or BITS course in the evening or on weekends to help their career.  A photography enthusiast can learn from India’s top photographer sitting at the comfort of their home. By enabling knowledge sharing, the company hopes to create better careers and transform people’s lives.

Cost effective model that can start with as little as 20 users and scale up to thousands of users 

One integrated cloud based solution to enable all models of online learning and collaboration for institutions and corporates 

Readymade, white-labeled platform offered as a managed service – no hardware or IT resources required, thus enabling a large corporate or even a single individual to share and monetize his/her knowledge 

Video/mobile based collaborative learning model enabling the simple cycle of “watch a video – take a quiz – ask a question” to ensure easy sharing of information, monitoring and measurement of learning outcomes

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