An Enticing Approach To Counter Attacks

An Enticing Approach To Counter Attacks

IDA Ireland - Smart CEO Global Cybersecurity Report 2018

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California-based TrapX, a deception-based cybersecurity firm, detects, analyses and defends against new zero-day and ATP (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks in real-time

Founded in 2010 by Moshe Ben-Simon and Yuval Malachi, TrapX operates in the deception-based cybersecurity space. With the belief that just protecting the endpoints won’t secure companies from threats, TrapX has developed solutions that provide counter attacks at every step.

For example, when an attacker begins inspecting files, TrapX Deception in Depth Token baits the attacker with seemingly enticing files, scripts and passwords, thus keeping them away from real assets and driving them towards the Traps. Once the attacker comes in contact with the Trap, a security alter is issued. As the attacker engages further with the assets, TrapX’s smart deception proxy sends the attacker to its fullOS high interaction Traps, which is the cue for its partner ecosystem to quarantine all suspected endpoints, determine nature and behavior pattern of the attacker and deliver comprehensive forensics.

Thus far, TrapX has deployed its services across commercial and Government customers in the defense, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer products and manufacturing sectors, to name a few. In April 2018, it signed a deal with Check Point Software Technologies to provide real-time visibility, threat detection and rapid containment solution for internal and external networks and cloud deployments.

The company has so far raised US $28.6 million in funding, across three rounds, from notable investors such as Liberty Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Opus Capital, BRM Capital and Strategic Cyber Ventures.


Category: Deception Security 

Founded: 2010 

Founders: Moshe Ben-Simon and Yuval Malachi 

Investors: Liberty Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Opus Capital, BRM Capital and Strategic Cyber Ventures 

Headquarters: California, United States

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